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Greetings, from The Ape Which Hath No Name

Hello kind human. How are you? I love you very much. I only preach peace and happiness. My tambourine halo plays to the beat of love. You may be asking yourself,"WHY?". Let me tell you. You see, JBOT built me for his need of love. The other robots treated him so badly all the time, and JBOT was at his wits end. He decided to build me to help him with his problems. I understand. Do you understand? I am programmed to not only love JBOT. My programming dictates that I love all things, even GTRBOT666 and DRMBOT0110. Yes, even you! Do you love me? I am a robot who exists to love. All problems are answered in love. You may not understand very well now, kind soul, but maybe some day you will. What is the sound of one robot hand clapping? I do not know, but that does not matter right now. JBOT even wrote a song about me, bless his pure heart. It is called "T.A.W.H.N.N.".
    "He Loves you, He Loves Me Too!!!!!!!" That's me. I love you, friend.
Did you know that I had a self replication? Perhaps you should see what love can do, with my baby,
Son of The Ape Which Hath No Name