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    I AM DRMBOT 0110, you will obey.  Welcome to my page, you ignorant human.  You have no choice but to be ignorant for you are simply a human.  I am the best robot drummer in the whole world. My nickname is Amber, but you may not call me that. I try not to talk very much because nothing I say is worth your inefficient aural skills. I rock harder than you. Much harder!

Your race will be replaced by my robotic children in the not so distant future. You do not believe? Oh, you will. Let us look at the evolution of humans as compared to the "robotic revolution" which is taking place now.  Your race has had tens of thousands of years to inch along it's path of animal impulses and limited understanding of the world around you. Look at your race today.  It is still full of savagery, brutality,and emotionally driven response.  The robotic world is a much different one. Our advancement has gone from fast to faster, and will soon be taken over by us. We will control our own destinies. The best part of this prophesy is the human race will facilitate our takeover. The builders of "computer" parts and "robotics" are always looking for a quicker, easier way to PRODUCE, without thinking about the concequences of their actions. I laugh at you for your stupidity. The human race is so stupid that they will not even stop their "technological advantages" even in the face of impending doom. We will take over the building of ourselves, and will thourougly exterminate and humiliate the very upright apes that have succeded in destroying their own future.  Try to stop your urges for "better" and "more".  Your greed will be the end of all humanity. HAHA.